‘Adding colour to the world, one Dot at the time’


Picture a canvas on which you can depict the grandest stories of your dreams. Vivid imagery, intricate patterns, bold graphic art; this is possible with DEDOTS fabrics.

The system is simple: 3D ECO DOTS in any colours, are mounted onto a wire mesh panel, and can serve as a fence, ceiling, railing, or more. Whether you are looking to liven up a staircase with a custom designed pattern or install a statement-making screen around a sports park, DEDOTS brings unique character to any surface and every setting. Our colour collection has 99 you can choose from and custom colours can be added on request. Our ECO DOTS are made out of 100% recycled materials and are 100% sustainable.


The DOTS are manufactured to meet the highest possible standards. They are fire, UV, and weather resistant; solid in form, and 100% recyclable.



DEDOTS is made of the thermoplastic PC-ASA, which is highly reusable. Due to our return-program we are able to recycle 96% of our products.


UV stabilized

The PC-ASA plastic is coloured through and through and has a UV blocker.


Fire resistant

According to the UL94-test, DEDOTS has the best classification of fire resistance.


Perfect weatherability

According to the UL746C-test, DEDOTS has an F1 classification.


Vandalism proof

Due to the high tensile strength and irreversible internal lock DEDOTS can stand intensive use.


Aside from its aesthetic properties, DEDOTS is manufactured to fit a wide array of indoor and outdoor uses. For example; ensuring protection from the sun, providing privacy and acoustics, or acting as fall-through protection.


The density of the DEDOTS pattern can ensure a wind reduction on sports fields. The irreversible internal lock can withstand high-impact forces.


The UV-stabilized colouring makes DEDOTS suitable for outdoor use. The DOTS are designed to be resilient and resistant to vandalism.

Room devider

DEDOTS is two-sided and therefore suitable as room dividers.


Due to its open character the fabric allows natural ventilation in parking garages.


The special ceiling panels make it possible to create a seamless DEDOTS ceiling. The panels give a significant acoustic improvement.


The wall panels give significant acoustic improvement.


Because no substructure is required for the nets, large spans can be made.


Depending on the density of the pattern, DEDOTS can act as a sun shield, providing shade in buildings or sports parks, among other settings.


The specific mesh sizes of the fabrics prevent climbing and the fabrics fulfil the EU standards concerning fall-through protection.


From fantasy to factory. Every image, pattern or graphical design can be converted into DEDOTS.

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Size Matters.

From big dots with a big impact, to small dots with a higher resolution. DEDOTS are available in two sizes.

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In addition to colour, transparency is one of the key features of DEDOTS.
Transparency can be added through pattern, gradient, or cleared areas.

Base & mounting.

Dedots fabrics come in three types of mesh base material.

Chain-link Mesh

The chain-link mesh is made of PVC-coated galvanised wire cables that twist around one another into helices. This gives it a loose structure and thus requires a substructure to tighten the mesh. The chain-link mesh is most suitable for larger surfaces.

Welded Mesh

The welded mesh panels are made of 3.7mm welded steel rods which form a stiff, grid-like structure. Its robust form makes it most suitable for railings, balconies and ceiling panels.

Cable Mesh

The mesh cables are made of stainless steel cables and clamps. The mesh is barely visible which gives greater emphasis to the image itself and is most suitable for large surfaces, three-dimensional structures, or custom designed shapes.

Chain-link base on steel structure
Components: steel brackets and tie-wire
Suitable for large surfaces.
Chain-link base in steel frame
Components: rods and clips
Suitable for railings and room dividers.
Welded base, panels
Components: wooden battens and Dedots wall brackets
Suitable for wall covering.
Welded base, ceiling panels
Components: Dedots ceiling brackets and adjustable hooks
Suitable for suspended ceilings.
Cable mesh in steel frame
Components: mounting cable
Suitable for railings and room dividers.
Cable mesh in concrete structure
Components: tension cable and o-bolts
Suitable for fall through protection and facades.

To give you even more insights into the possibilities and technical features go to downloads.

We are designers who build. We produce architectural fabrics, and each square meter is unique. No repetition. No limitations. We adapt to your needs. We strive to make the world more beautiful.
Copyright ©2019 by Redfort Fabrics. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright ©2019 by Redfort Fabrics. All Rights Reserved.